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a handy looking bunch

January 20

canada's handyman challenge - saf affect

As we muddle through the thick of this cold Canadian winter, it’s hard to believe that this photo of a handy bunch was taken only a few months ago on a sunny September afternoon when I, along with a handful of other bloggers, were invited on set to chat with the judges and host of Canada’s Handyman Challenge.

Being a somewhat handy gal, it’s surprising that I’ve only previously caught a few episodes of Canada’s Handyman Challenge in past seasons. And being a handy-woman, I have to admit I am a bit hung-up on the gender-specific title. But after a visit to the set to see the impressive handy-work of the show’s contestants, I am looking forward to an immersion this season, with the first episode airing tomorrow,Tuesday January 21, 2014 on HGTV Canada at 10pm ET/PT.

canada's handyman challenge set - saf affect

canada's handyman challenge setting - saf affect

Although I took many more photos of the outdoor set at an interesting abandoned industrial factory on the outskirts of downtown Toronto,  none can be revealed until after the end of this season, as we visited during the final competition and were sworn to secrecy.

McGillivray Baeumler - saf affect

However, the entertaining conversation with the personable judges Bryan Baeumler, Scott McGillivray, and Paul Lafrance (they are truly as much fun in person as they are on the tube), along with show host Jenn Robertson and guest judge Mike Holmes, provided revealing insights on contestants who have or don’t have what it takes, translating into insights for those of us who are (or think we are) handy around our own homes. Bryan expressed that 80% of home building is an art and he feels that the skill lacking the most for DIYers is common sense along with a planning, encouraging us to stop and think before acting. For our projects’ and safety’s sake. Scott said that those lacking a real passion are generally eliminated from the show’s competition first, while Paul noted that the show highlights that some trying-to-be-handy-persons  lack an essential skill – a basic education in and knowledge of math.

Lafrance Holmes - saf affect

They all agree however, that even though they are seasoned professionals even they discover new ways of doing things through the show and are re-inspired in their own work by the contestants and their ideas and approaches. While there is currently a real lack of skilled trades in Canada, the hosts are encouraged that the artisan is slowly making a comeback, with shows like Canada’s Handyman Challenge showcasing, supporting, and encouraging the true talent that is out there, coast-to-coast.

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  1. Annie permalink
    January 20 4:09 pm

    What a wonderful opportunity. Wish I’d been there would have loved to have chatted to the guys, especially Scott…. 🙂

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