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let there be new lights

April 24

For years (even before I created a modern DIY pendant light from a thrift store find), I’ve been wanting to replace the 1990s era builder’s basic track lighting in my kitchen. Well maybe it was working from home over the long winter, staring up at that ugliness that finally pushed  me towards new lightness. So in my thrifty fashion I popped over to The Home Depot and picked up these four new track heads with an industrial vibe – at 60% off! Installed on a new white track, the brushed metal finish of the heads ties in nicely with the hammered spray finish I used on the pendant light. I also installed a dimmer switch for the track light, casting a softer light in the space in the evening when bright task lighting isn’t needed.

kitchen track lighting before & after - saf affect

Another sad lighting situation in my condo was the bare bulb in my ‘walk-in’ closet. I use that term lightly as the 4′ x 4′ dimensions barely allow one to put a single foot into the space let alone walk right in. And as the photos attest, this space needs some desperate organizing attention. But that’s a future project.

closet lighting before & after - saf affect

In the meantime, a coat of the same hammered spray paint finish as the kitchen pendant light (to cover the rusted chrome) and a rewiring of this thrifted fixture found at one of my favourite shops for only $2 (Beyond the Blue Box in Cobourg, ON), has at least perked up the lighting situation.

vintage closet light before & after - saf affect

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  1. Annie permalink
    April 24 8:00 am

    Looks Fab!

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