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home is where the nest was

May 27

Some years ago, a family of sparrows made their nest for a number of years in a neighbours’ fireplace vent until I notified condo management, who had the wire mesh repaired after the birds had left for the season. Not versed in all habits of our local feathered friends, I’m surprised to see these birds return each year since, trying again and again to get into the vent. They aren’t entertaining using any other vent on the building’s facade for nesting, of which there are many.

What is it about the sparrow species’ need for consistency that drives them back to the same nest year after year? Observing this tenacity (or stupidity?) got me thinking: what defines where and what home is? While some wildlife and humans are creatures of habit, others happily live more nomadically.

My late grandmother always said (with her Slavic accent) ‘best like home’, preferring her own bed to any other away from home. Whereas, two generations later I have the means to support my wanderlust, happily visiting and learning from far afield and foreign places, yet I do recognize that a consistent home base grounds me.

What and where defines home for you?

sparrow home - saf affect


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  1. June 4 9:54 am

    Interesting, I just blogged about birds! Home for me is the calmness and tranquility I strive to maintain inside my 4 walls. Achieved by a clutterless, organized and comfortably decorated space. (A goal that would drive most people crazy!!)

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