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more canadiana: vintage brutalist modernist ring

August 26

A dear friend asked me to help him go through the contents of his late parents’ home as he readies it for sale. We worked together to identify which of his parents’ vintage furniture pieces (that work in today’s popular mid-century revival decor aesthetic) that he’ll take with him to his new bachelor pad, along with sorting through his mother’s jewellery. In thanks for the assistance, he generously gave me this vintage modernist ring.

robert larin ring - saf affect

When I came across it in his mom’s collection, I instantly loved the naturalistic rough-hewn yet geometric design and thought it might be by a notable maker, but I couldn’t at first make out a maker’s mark. Upon further inspection and with a bit of research, I realized there is a mark and that it is of Robert Larin, who was a Canadian jewellery designer. He worked out of Montreal designing brutalist modernist jewellery, mostly in cast pewter as this ring is, from 1968 to 1972. Although I haven’t been able to find this exact design referenced anywhere as yet, I’m guessing the value may be between $30 and $75.

My lovely friend in need, is a lovely friend indeed!

robert larin ring marks - saf affect

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