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local harvest: pickled beans & balcony tomatoes

September 10

I got ’em! My favourite martini garnish (would be great for a spicy caesar too) – zippy, pickled yellow and green beans with just the right amount of kick, from the Edge of the Woods Farm in Eddystone, near Grafton, ON. While they were selling their foodstuffs at the 100 Mile Diet Event this past weekend, I had to travel to the actual farm shop for the beans as the delayed growing season meant they were later to canning.

pickled beans - edge of the woods farm grafton - saf affect

Speaking of late (and less than stellar), so too was the growing season on my balcony and the less than fruitful harvest of heirloom tomatoes I so tenderly cared for, waiting for the hot, sunny summer weather to actually develop, to boost the bounty.

From hopeful seedling from Wicklow Way Farm

wicklow way tomato plant - saf affect

To green beginnings in my balcony planter…

spring vegetables planted - saf affect

To enjoying a few handfuls of tasty tomatoes.

balcony vegetables - saf affect

handful of balcony tomatoes - saf affect

balcony tomatoes - saf affect

And while the chives did well, not so was the case for the basil. Even a second planting to replace the first that died never caught on. Ah well.

Better luck next year?

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  1. April 16 4:30 pm

    Your tomatoes look great! I’m sorry the chives didn’t work out. It looks like everything had plenty of light, though. Your indoor garden setup is great!

    • April 17 8:32 am

      Thanks, Jess. It’s a different gardening season so far here in Toronto – we’re waiting for the effects of an historic ice storm this past weekend to melt away!

  2. November 12 12:20 am

    Your tomatoes look like they were great! I am missing the summer produce already.

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