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diy dictionary page bunting

September 18

Printed book dictionaries are becoming relics, with every word definition in every language available online with the click of a mouse. What to do with an obsolete or out of date dictionary? I came across this sweet adaptive reuse of a tired old dictionary at the Refinery booth at the Pickering Markets Roadshow antique mall on a recent first but short visit.

dictionary bunting DIY - saf affect

I love the British tradition of using triangular bunting to help create a festive setting – this booth’s easy-to-diy signage cleverly uses pages from an old dictionary cut into triangles with slightly charred edges, with cutout letters applied, and strung up on twine to festively announce this booth’s wares of retro and vintage home and decor items. If a little fearful of burning the edges, snipping the edges with pinking sheers would create an equally interesting finish.

dictionary bunting - saf affect

dictionary bunting F - saf affect


Hopefully I’ll have more time upon my next visit to the market to spend looking at the actual items on sale, at the dozens and dozens of vendor booths, than simply gazing at some clever signage. 🙂

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