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addled architecture: streamlining?

October 18

While I appreciate streamlined design along with ornate detail, it is sad to see one sacrificed for the other when the result is anything but an improvement. Take the left facade of this pair of Victorian era retail buildings on Toronto’s Queen St. West. Perhaps those responsible for the renovation and removal of the beautiful brick-arched windows in favour of larger plate-glass wanted more light to filter into the upper stories, but at what cost? queen w arches be gone - saf affect While ultra modern lines can contrast historic embellishment in successful balance, this residential example falls short, especially now that mid century modern is now a style unto itself, currently experiencing a bit of a resurgence of popularity. But even at the time this ‘front porch’ addition was slapped on the front of this late 19th century home in the Elmwood neighbourhood of Buffalo, NY, it failed to offer quite enough of the new vs old contrast to pull it off. I’m sure the neighbours were thrilled at the time too. mcm victorian house mash - saf affect

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  1. October 20 4:02 pm

    That house is hilarious. Like lipstick on a pig!

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