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the week that was: pickles, wine, beer, paint

November 7

Some weeks my schedule is so packed it’s amazing I get anything done; this past week is a good example.

Sunday saw me attending a pickle tasting party at the home of fellow media socialite and foodie, Mom Who Runs. A unique evening for certain, but for those of us who love pickles it was downright tangy and tasty, with my favourite of those we tasted being Nathan’s Half Sours as they remind me of the new dills my mom used to make.

pickle party at mom who runs - saf affect

pickle party pickles - saf affect

Monday afternoon I popped by the annual ICE Wine Event in Toronto put on by the Italian Trade Commission. Featuring dozens and dozens of wineries from the different regions of Italy along with antipasti food pairings, it was difficult to choose a favourite. However, being a bit retro lately and experiencing a personal revival with chardonnay (yes, back to the ’90s with me), I did quite enjoy Poderi Dal Nespoli’s refreshing Rubicone IGT 2013 Trebbiano Chardonnay blend.

Poderi dal Nespoli Wines Italy

Tuesday I headed off to Flanders, well to a  Flanders, Belgium event hosted in Toronto by Flanders State of the Art, for those in the travel and event planning industries. The evening included some Belgian beer tasting with local Toronto beer expert Jordan St. John, along with a special exhibit commemorating the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, a small reflection of an extensive exhibition on now until April 26, 2015 at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

This event reminded me fondly of a visit I made to Brussels a few years ago, with the express purpose of eating the fabulous food, drinking the tasty beer, and taking in the stunning art nouveau architecture that abounds. Here are just a few of my many snapshots taken on that trip:

Horta House Window - saf affect

Horta House Interior - saf affect

art nouveau facade brussels - saf affect

art nouveau railing brussels - saf affect

art nouveau detail brussels - saf affect

Thursday I travelled out to the Home Depot store in Kitchener to chat with a gathering of pre-teen and teenage girls about being a designer and how to develop a colour scheme for their rooms, as part of a Skills Canada – Ontario event. As CIL paints’ resident colour and design expert, customers can email me at for FREE advice in picking paint colours, developing a colour scheme for their home, whether interior or exterior, and any room. It was fun to take my colour advice on the road.

Skills Ontario Presentation - saf affect

susan forint at home depot for CIL paints - saf affect

Happy weekend! Time to put my feet up for a rest…for a bit. 🙂

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  1. Carly Wayward Heyward permalink
    May 20 8:56 am

    An evening of pickles? That’s certainly a new one! I’m afraid I wouldn’t have attended as I’m not a pickle fan! The Home Decor even is up my alley. I’m checking now to see if there’s anything like that by me!

  2. March 15 8:20 pm

    This was a eclectic week for you! Beer, Wine, Pickles? I will have to add this to my bag of tricks when I have people over this next time. I hope to travel to Toronto with the family someday. I visited when I was a younger fellow and haven’t been back since. My brother in-law is from Kitchener and we talk about it often. I have been holding on to a couple of loonies for years. Perhaps, I will get to spend them eventually. Thanks for the post.

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