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how i work NOW & IDS 2016

January 19

A few years ago, spurred on by a feature at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, I wrote a post about how I work and my home office. At the time I was in a corporate job and used my desk at home for personal business only.

A lot has changed in almost three years. After the (now fortuitous) circumstance of being downsized from my job, I’ve become a full-time independent consultant, now using my home workspace for actual work.

home office - saf affect

Previously tucked into a niche between my fireplace and kitchen, facing a wall and away from any natural light, that was fine for now and then tasks. But working from home full-time, spending most of my time in my condo at my desk now, my office deserves the best spot for creativity and productivity. The occasion of getting new floors made it easy to try a new locale – one that I absolutely love.

BEFORE office - saf affect

Before the holidays, as I was putting my place back together after my new floors were complete, I swapped out my sofa in the window for this reconfigured desk set-up, also pulling my bookcases out from behind curtains as part of the arrangement, quickly plopping everything in place. I previously wanted to hide all my sins and storage away, but this new layout is far more functional, with everything at hand, even if it means being extra good at being extra tidy. The natural light is fabulous, especially when making paint recommendations as the resident CIL decor and colour expert.

NEW office mini rug - saf affect

Once I set up the new office space, I knew I needed a better solution than the temporary placement of a tiny rug to roll about on my vintage Knoll Pollock executive armchair. While I like how this vintage looking 5′ x 8′ wool and cotton, woven rug from Homesense fits the space, I’m not yet convinced it’s ‘the one’. And that makeshift adaptation of my DIY desk needs an updating.

NEW office - saf affect

NEW office rug - saf affect

Good thing IDS 16 is this week/weekend (kicking off with the opening party on Thursday January 21), where there are sure to be inspiring ideas for further updating my home office and for all areas of my and anyone’s home.

IDS16 Toronto - saf affect

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  1. January 20 9:47 am

    The Toronto Interior Design Show is always a great place for inspiration. Looking forward to seeing you there and sourcing great ideas!

    • January 20 9:50 am

      Agreed. It’s always great to wander the show floor with like-minded, designing, creative-types like yourself!

  2. January 7 1:34 pm

    Thank you for the design inspiration! Your work area is absolutely stunning. I just started working from home full-time and definitely need a way to beautify my creative space.

    • January 15 11:43 am

      Thanks! I still need to make some tweaks to the space, like a new desk, but it is lovely to work by natural light.

  3. AwesomeAliceCom permalink
    August 24 6:21 am

    Your new space looks great! I wouldn’t mind having an office that looked like that at all!

    • August 24 11:41 am

      Thanks. It has proven to be inspiring and effective. Although tough to stay focused on a beautiful sunny summer’s day such as it is in Toronto today!

  4. May 5 5:14 am

    I got some great ideas for my home office here. Thanks. Yours looks great.

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