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home & garden inspiration at the 2017 National Home Show

March 17

While Toronto’s weather is struggling to let go of winter, why not stay indoors and ready for the warm weather when it hits, and the updates you’re planning for your home and garden in 2017? The National Home Show and Canada Blooms run until Sunday March 19th at the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place.

I did just that earlier in the week, and enjoyed touring the dream home, as I always did when visiting as a kid, with aspirations of working in design even back then.

This art piece created from a collection of composite material blocks and dramatic white piano are intriguing set against a dark painted wall.

Clean-up would be a breeze (and stylish) with this modern kitchen sink and drain boards formed from a single sheet of stainless steel.

The dream home’s back garden includes this textural, contemporary-take on an outdoor fire-pit and seating lounge.

There are plenty of ideas for creating a stunning home garden at the shows, whether large enough to accommodate a pond or pool, or even if size limitations lead the vegetative creativity up the wall!

And be sure to take in the whimsically colourful Canada 150 floral displays.







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