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Susan A. Forint

saf * Susan A. Forint

Susan Forint is a strategic and tactical consultant who provides marketing and communications leadership and client consultancy services, builds brands and grows customer engagement through multiple marketing, communications and influencer channels and online, video and in-person brand and media representation, enabling organizations to connect  and engage with the right, targeted audiences.

An MBA with a background in design, Susan is recognized for her ability to understand and meet high level business objectives, developing and implementing engagement strategies that build meaningful employee and customer experiences.

An effective communicator and content marketer, Susan arms audiences with messaging that matters, and has a strong track record of empowering sales teams and staff to deliver results. A seasoned project manager, her plan implementation and follow-through anticipates and mitigates challenges in delivering promised outcomes.

With extensive strategic and tactical brand building, writing and editing, social media, event management and design experience, Susan can be trusted to strengthen the marketing, communications, delivery and engagement effectiveness of any organization.

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