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thrifty in cobourg

June 26

A short drive east of Toronto, Cobourg is a quaint and charming  small town that, with its old main street and white sandy beach on Lake Ontario right in the centre of  town, is a  great spot for a day trip from the GTA. While the shops, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants that line King St. are all quite lovely and worth a wander, the thrift shops that are found just behind the main street are also worth a visit. Venturing down Covert St. (running west off of Division St.) you’ll find three thrift shops supporting various charities, all with fair prices.

Although I didn’t drive away with any thrifty purchases on this visit, these fabulous vintage metal/vinyl office chairs (made right in Cobourg) would have been a great deal (if I needed them – restraint!)…at only $60 – for the trio! I’ve seen ones go for $100 or more at antique markets and vintage furniture stores.

Beyond the Blue Box (14 Covert St.)
* offering developmentally challenged individuals work opportunities, the smaller shop carries their ’boutique’ items while the larger location next door is packed with all kinds of odds and sods

Northumberland Humane Society Thrift Shop (46 Covert St.)

Horizons Thrift Shop & Treasure Shop (50 Covert St.)
* supports building partnerships to end poverty in Central America and Mexico

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  1. June 26 8:17 am

    Thanks for the kind words … this is a great resource for many in the area and wonderful example of how we can recycle things we no longer have a need of.

    Come back soon.

    Cheers .. Dave

  2. June 26 9:15 am

    Susan – love the blog. Totally my style. Definitely a favourite. It was a great evening and Rod’s was fun too. Glad we met!

    • June 26 11:20 am

      Thanks, Michele. Great to meet you! Your blog’s fab as well and I definitely enjoyed the evening too.

  3. August 19 4:36 pm

    With a new Waddingtons outpost, Cobourg is looking more and more like a thrifty destination. Thanks for the tips.

  4. January 21 8:42 pm

    Hi – found your blog through vintage shoppers in Ontario search – hope you plan some day trips to Bowmanville. We are part of Clarington just past Oshawa. There are many little independent small shops and boutiques that have great stuff. Can make a day or an afternoon of it. Check out what is thrifty, vintage, antique, shabby chic etc. east of the GTA. Yes Cobourg, Brighton, Port Hope, Bowmanville are worth exploring!! They are easy to find just off the 401.


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